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Discover how to skip the broker fees and save big on NYC rent with these insider tips for finding apartments.

Sometimes, when you look for a new place to live, you have to pay extra money to a person called a broker. But in New York City, you can find places without paying that extra cost. We call these ‘No Fee Apartments.’ We’re going to learn how to find these places and keep more money in your piggy bank!

What Does ‘No Fee’ Mean?

Let’s start by understanding what ‘no fee’ and ‘no broker fee’ really mean. It’s all about not having to give money to a middle-person when you rent your new room.

Who is a Broker?

A broker is someone who helps people find houses or apartments. But to do this, they usually ask for money, which is called a ‘fee.’

What’s a ‘No Fee’ Apartment?

A ‘No Fee’ apartment means you don’t have to pay extra money to the broker. The owner of the apartment takes care of that!

How to Find ‘No Fee’ Apartments

Finding a place without a ‘fee’ might seem tough, but with a few tips, you can start looking like a detective on a mission.

Use the Internet

There are special websites where you can search for these kind of apartments, and you won’t need help from a broker. Just grab your computer or tablet, type in what you’re looking for, and start your search!

Ask Friends and Family

Sometimes your friends or family might know about places you can rent without a fee. It’s always good to ask around because they might have the inside scoop on some cool places.

Check Out Apartment Buildings

Some buildings have signs that say ‘no fee.’ That’s a good sign that you won’t have to pay extra money to move in there. Take a walk around the neighborhood and keep an eye out for these signs!

Why Choose a ‘No Fee’ Apartment?

You might wonder why picking a ‘no fee’ place is a good idea. Let’s see why it can be better for your wallet.

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Save Your Money

Without the fee, you keep more money to buy things you like or save up for a fun trip! Instead of giving that extra cash to a broker, you can use it for things you enjoy.

Be More Independent

When you find a place by yourself, you get to make the choices without a broker telling you what to do. You can go apartment hunting on your own and choose the perfect place that suits your style and needs. It’s like being the captain of your own ship!

Apartment TypeLocationPriceBedroomsBathrooms
1 BedroomBrooklyn$2,50011
2 BedroomQueens$3,00022
3 BedroomBronx$3,50032

Tips and Tricks for Apartment Hunting

Looking for the perfect ‘no fee’ home in a big city can be like a treasure hunt. Here are some secrets to help you find the best place.

Start Early

The earlier you start looking, the more chances you have to find a cool place without the fee. Apartments in big cities like New York City can get snatched up quickly, so beginning your search early gives you a head start.

Be Ready to Move Fast

Sometimes, you might have to decide quickly to get the apartment you want. So be ready to act fast when you find a place you like. Have all your important documents handy, like your ID and proof of income, so you can quickly submit an application before someone else does!


Finding a no fee apartment might seem hard, but it’s like a game! And when you win, you save money and get a nice place to live.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some questions kids like you might ask about finding a place to live without paying that extra broker fee!

Do all apartments have fees?

No, not all of them. Some are ‘no fee,’ remember?

Can I find a ‘no fee’ apartment by myself?

Yes, with the help of an adult, you can look for these apartments by yourself!

Is a ‘no fee’ apartment better?

It’s better for your piggy bank because you don’t have to pay the extra money to a broker.

Begin your search and start earning cash back!

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