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If you’re in the market for a home, you may or may not have considered looking to buy a new construction home or new development in New York. These are homes for sale by a builder or developer and are brand new homes where you will be the first to occupy, meaning they are not previously owned by anyone.

Choosing the Real Estate Rebate Team can help provide you the full suite of service, guidance, and expertise for all your real estate needs and help you get your commission rebate at closing. Learn more about the several benefits to buying a new construction home in New York versus a resale or previously owned property.

1. New Everything when buying a New Construction Home in New York

You get a fresh new start with the land and location. Builders and developers are constantly on the lookout for prime locations to build on so most of the time, you’ll already be in a highly desired neighborhood when buying a new construction home in New York city.

Part of the fresh new start also means a new community. All your new neighbors are also moving in around the same time which creates a natural bond to collaborate and build the community you want.

Lastly, because everything is new, it is conveniently move-in ready! You’ll get to love and maintain your new home as you begin to settle in.

2. Buying a New Construction Home in New York that is Energy Efficiency

Buying a new construction home has a lot of sustainability benefits such as water, energy and even space efficiency nowadays. Many new developments in New York focus on low and zero VOC (volatile organic compound) paints and materials to improve indoor air quality. Toppled with new technology that makes insulation, airflow, windows and lighting more energy efficient, you’ll most likely reap the savings on your monthly energy bill.

Don’t forget about the top-of-the-line appliances and modern floor plans allowing for optimal flow and effectiveness. And smart technology like automate internet, speakers and alarm systems to voice, touch and sensor sinks and closets.

3. Buying a New Construction Home with built in Warranties

Speaking of savings, when buying a New Construction home, big expenses like replacing your HVAC, roof, electrical or plumbing issues are not likely to happen for years to come since everything is new. You don’t have to worry about water pressure, old pipes or foundation concerns saving you more upfront on common maintenance issues.

In addition, when buying a New Construction home in New York, you can have peace of mind that builders and developers usually offer warranties and protection that cover common structure and other aspects of the property.

4. Buying a New Construction Home In New York allows more Amenities and Customization

Buying a new construction home offers a full suite of amenities and more. From full time door staff, on-site spa, state of the art gyms, concierge, valet, and restaurants, you’ll feel like you’re living in a luxury hotel. Everything you could think of from trendy amenities such as infinity pools, video arcades, bowling alleys, daycare services, dog parks, and music studios you’ll never have to leave your home.

Property owners tend to put thousands of dollars in renovations and finishes that are personal to them and fit their personal style not yours. With buying a new construction home in New York City, most of the time you will have the opportunity to customize aspects of design, select appliances, flooring and personalize finishes to your style and how you live.

5. Easier Transaction when buying a New Construction Home in New York

Builders and developers want to make the process of buying a new construction home as simple and easy as possible. Because they spend a tremendous amount of time, energy, and work with the top contractors to deliver the best, they take a lot of pride in the final product.

Many builders and developers are open to negotiating incentives and credits to certain finishes or even closing costs. In addition, there is no complicated board approval to go through which makes the process straightforward and easy.

The Real Estate Rebate Team can walk you through each step of the process ensuring you are informed to make the right decisions. We negotiate on your behalf to get you your price and even the down payment so that you go into closing confidently and receive your commission rebate at the closing table.

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